The smart glasses serve as an extension of the IoT system, which can be implemented directly on the glasses themselves. This system offers a range of functions, including taking pictures, playing music, making phone calls, voice commands, and danger alerts. It utilizes the machine learning capabilities of Arm® Cortex®-M85 in RA8M1 for efficient audio and image processing on the edge. This enables quick identification of potential dangers, triggering alarms through the speaker.

System Benefits:

  • Edge machine learning capability
  • Secured by Arm Trust Zone with support for Secure OTA
  • Active noise cancellation audio system with two microphone beamforming, ensuring clear audio in noisy environments
  • Low-power wireless communication
  • Low quiescent current power system for extended battery life
  • Waterproof system with no external connectors
  • Wireless charging
  • OTA supported




  • Smart glasses

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US203 US203 US203 US203 Coil Coil Coil Wireless Receiver Wireless Receiver Wireless Receiver Li-ion Battery Charger Li-ion Battery Charger Li-ion Battery Charger Buck-Boost Buck-Boost Buck-Boost Single-Cell Battery Single-Cell Battery Single-CellBattery Audio Codec Audio Codec Audio Codec Camera Camera Camera Microphone Microphone Microphone Speaker Speaker Speaker Touch Pad Touch Pad Touch Pad Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.26 Connector Arrow.27 Connector Arrow.28 Connector Line.348 Connector Line.348.30 Connector Arrow.31 Connector Arrow.32 Connector Line.348.33 Connector Line.348.34 Connector 1 Connector Line.36 Connector Line.37 Connector Arrow.38 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 507mA 507mA 507mA 860mA 860mA 860mA 35mA 35mA 35mA 0.32mA 0.32mA 0.32mA 30mA 30mA 30mA 285mA 285mA 285mA Connected signals line.357 Connector Line.348.49 Connector Arrow.50 Connector Line.348.51 Connector double arrow Connector double arrow.54 Connector Line.348.55 Connector 1.56 Connector 1.57 Connector Arrow.58 Connector Line.348.59 Connector Arrow.60 Connector Arrow.61 Connector Arrow.62 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bluetooth 3mA 3mA 3mA MCU MCU MCU MCU VCC VCC VCC Trust Zone Trust Zone Trust Zone ADC ADC ADC Flash Flash Flash SRAM SRAM SRAM RTC RTC RTC CEU CEU CEU I2S I2S I2S GPIO GPIO GPIO SPI/UART SPI/UART SPI/UART
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