This automotive touch key solution with 'haptics' at minimal cost allows for the addition of haptic feedback to any control switch.

System Benefits:

  • Entry-class MCU can control touch sensing and haptic drivers, and the rest of the system including support for the high-speed communication protocol CAN FD and in-vehicle security EVITA-Light. All of this can be offered at the lowest possible cost.​
  • The haptic driver can input up to six different triggers from three GPIO pins, so it is possible to assign different signal patterns to multiple touch keys. ​
  • Vibration delay can be minimized (0.75ms) and it achieves a low current consumption of 0.36µA when idle.​
  • The touch key demo board works together with the touch sensitivity tuning tool, which works in conjunction with the DA728x-EVAL-KIT low-power high-definition haptic driver evaluation kit and a haptic sequence design tool. Software for the interoperation of both boards is also available.




  • Body control modules – windows, cockpit
  • Infotainment control
  • Steering wheel controls

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AS253 WC# AS253 AS253 CAN-FD/LIN CAN-FD/LIN CAN-FD/LIN Double arrow.305 Haptics Driver Haptics Driver Haptics Driver Right arrow.311 Right arrow.312 Label Text 10pt.262 1* LRA: Linear Resonant Actuator 2* ERM: Eccentric Rotating M... 1* LRA: Linear Resonant Actuator2* ERM: Eccentric Rotating Mass Motor Double arrow.336 Battery.230 Sheet.363 Sheet.364 Sheet.365 Sheet.366 Label Text 10pt.2153 12V Battery 12V Battery Left arrow 1pt.372 Connector Line Left arrow 1pt.374 DC/DC DC/DC DC/DC Haptics Touch.419 Sheet.420 Sheet.421 Sheet.422 Sheet.423 Connector Arrow Double arrow.489 Sheet.490 Communication Lines B.800 Label Text 10pt.801 2 2 Double arrow.799 LRA ERM Sheet.325 Sheet.323 Sheet.324 LRA ERM LRA ERM LRAERM Label Text 10pt.880 1* 1* Label Text 10pt.932 2* 2* Double arrow.498 Sheet.499 Communication Lines B.800 Label Text 10pt.801 2 2 MCU MCU MCU MCU CAN/LIN CAN/LIN CAN/LIN I2C I2C I2C GPIO GPIO GPIO TTL TTL TTL
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