The Industry's First Continuous Metrology FOTA Solution with RL78/I1C (512KB)

This is an ideal solution for constant operation systems delivering simultaneous operation of microcontroller operations and firmware updates. In the case of smart electricity meters, new firmware can be updated without stopping the metrology operation, and this is the first technology in the industry to solve the problem of billing loss for the amount of electricity used.

What is FOTA?

FOTA, the abbreviation of Firmware update Over-The-Air, is a function of rewriting the microcontroller firmware to a new firmware, for example, by wireless communication after the equipment is installed. Traditional FOTA updates the firmware by first storing the new firmware in a Flash ROM as a buffer, rewriting it to the built-in Flash ROM, resetting and restarting the system. However, this method stops the microcontroller functions, which causes problems such as the system not functioning or not being able to retrieve information. Using the traditional FOTA methodology in smart electricity meters, it was difficult to update the firmware in response to the regulations of each country and region, as well as the requirements of the electricity utility, due to the problem of billing loss for the amount of electricity used during the stoppage of the electricity metrology function.

Continuous Metrology FOTA

The RL78/I1C (512KB) integrates dual-bank Flash ROM and a bank swap function. Each bank of Flash ROM can operate independently, allowing the microcontroller to continue operating while one bank of the Flash ROM is being programmed. Furthermore, with software technology, flash bank swapping and launching of the new firmware are performed without a reset, so that the new firmware can be updated without stopping any microcontroller's functions. The RL78/I1C (512KB) FOTA solution can be used not only for smart electricity meters but for any system requiring constant operation.

Continuous Metrology FOTA (Firmware update Over The Air)

FOTA Solution Application Areas

  • Smart water meters
  • Smart gas meters
  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer electronics

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RL78/I1C Value Proposition with Its Continuous Metrology FOTA Technology