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Learn how connectivity products from Renesas save space and consume little power for smart and feature-rich personal or wearable devices.

This blog provides an overview of Renesas’ high-voltage motor control solution including the inverter board, design resources, and layout.

Since the end of the Space Shuttle program in August 2011, the U.S. has relied on Russia for transport to the International Space Station. We’re now at the doorstep of having two options, owned and operated by commercial companies.

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For NexCOBOT, Collaboration Between Humans and Robots Shines a Light on Functional Safety

Learn about NexCOBOT, a Taiwan-based company that manufactures safety digital modules and controllers for next-generation collaborative robots, known as “COBOTs.” These innovative robots are revolutionizing automation worldwide.

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2023 Business & Sustainability Report
2023 Business & Sustainability Report

Fueled by our “2030 Aspiration,” we strive to demonstrate our business and financial strengths to our stakeholders, enhance our customers’ experience through digitalization, and continue to build on our ESG efforts. We invite you to explore our latest report that outlines our 2023 progress and commitment for a sustainable future.

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