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The RISC-V ISA is increasingly attractive to many MCU designers. Renesas is taking the lead in addressing this trend.

Explore how Renesas' semiconductor solutions are transforming smart locks and tackling key challenges, empowering smart lock manufacturers to create products that exceed the expectations of modern homeowners.

This blog provides an overview of the new RA0 series of Arm MCUs offering unparalleled performance and flexibility with entry-level MCUs.

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Ring One


Muse Wearables Aims to Disrupt Fitness Tracker Status Quo with ‘Ring One’ Launch

An Indian start-up, Muse Wearables, burst on the fitness scene recently with a product that re-imagines the wearables form factor in the shape of a ring. The adornment, known as Ring One, is more than a fashion statement. It’s a clinical-grade tracker that monitors heart rate, heart-rate variability, blood pressure, respiratory rates, body temperature and blood-oxygen levels. And if that’s not enough, a simple switch of operating mode turns Ring One into an NFC-enabled electronic payment device.

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2023 Business & Sustainability Report

Fueled by our “2030 Aspiration,” we strive to demonstrate our business and financial strengths to our stakeholders, enhance our customers’ experience through digitalization, and continue to build on our ESG efforts. We invite you to explore our latest report that outlines our 2023 progress and commitment for a sustainable future.


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