To join the R-Car Consortium, you need to sign the Participation Agreement for Renesas R-Car Consortium with Renesas Electronics Corporation. Please follow the below procedure to apply for admission.

Before You Apply
  1. Please read the Criteria for joining the R-Car Consortium below on this page.
Application Procedure
  1. Please download the Participation Agreement ( English | Japanese ).
  2. Please read the agreement carefully.
  3. If you accept the agreement, please fill out and submit this form.
  4. We will review your application by email or meeting, and notify you if you are approved.
  5. If we approve your application to join R-Car Consortium, you will receive a PDF file containing the agreement filled in with the information you provided. Check that the information is correct.
  6. We will send two signed original copies of the contract.
  7. Please return one copy with your signature.
  8. The administrator will contact you about your application.
After Joining R-Car Consortium

After your application has been approved, you will be granted access the R-Car Consortium member-only site where you can collaborate with Renesas and other partners, get access to development boards and support, and more.

Criteria for Joining

Applicants who meet all of the following conditions will be granted membership in the R-Car Consortium.

  • The applicant fulfills the conditions for joining the Alliance Partner Program.
  • The applicant has agreed to the Participation Agreement for the Renesas R-Car Consortium.
  • The applicant belongs to a company or organization that provides solution or service that uses R-Car or a product for IVI system, Connected Car system, Communication Gateway system, Advanced Driver Assistance System, and Autonomous Driving system that is recognized by Renesas, which can contribute expansion of Eco-system globally in Automotive area.
  • The applicant belongs to a company or organization that agree with policy of R-Car Consortium activity, and attend events, and questionnaires positively after joining R-Car Consortium.
  • The applicant belongs to a company or organization that can construct a solution in a specific form like demonstration and etc. within 6 months after joining R-Car Consortium.
  • The company or organization of the applicant is recognized and granted admission by the R-Car Consortium administrator.