Accelerated Path to Production

Kickstart your development with this reference solution from Renesas.  Customers receive physical modules along with full hardware and software source collateral to aid in their own automotive designs.

The system is pre-configured to showcase all solution features as an out-of-the-box development experience.

A true white-box solution designed for a wide array of integration and test situations including desktop, environmental, HiL, SiL, and vehicle platforms.

Cockpit ECU Hardware


The Cockpit ECU Hardware design is based on R-Car M3

The Cockpit ECU reference hardware jumpstarts your automotive development by shortcutting several difficult and time consuming challenges including high-speed LPDDR4 layout, peripheral layout, design optimization and functionality testing.

Hardware deliverables include:

  • ECU
  • PCB schematic
  • PCB layout
  • HW parts library
  • Board bring up procedure and SW test utility
  • High-speed memory simulation assets
  • Mechanical enclosure CAD model

Cockpit ECU Software


The Cockpit ECU software package is delivered as a transparent mixture of FOSS and proprietary source code. Renesas proprietary code may be modified, changed and distributed as the customer requires. This creates a full white-box baseline solution.  Software package includes:

  • BSP and Drivers
  • Virtualization with GHS Integrity safety content and automotive-grade Linux IVI content
  • Multiple display outputs (up to 3x)
  • Polished and flexible UI with The Qt Company
  • Multimedia support of audio/video playback
  • Navigation from Mapbox
  • Robust Bluetooth stack from Clarinox
  • System settings and user profile support
  • Connectivity interfaces: Automotive Ethernet, CAN/CAN FD
  • Audio Interfaces: A2B® Automotive Audio Bus for superior audio with low latency
  • Telematics interfaces:  Wi-Fi, BT, LTE
  • Camera integration supporting surround view, backup camera


Cockpit ECU Videos
Cockpit ECU Related Resources


Partners offering software to complement the Cockpit ECU Software:

Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS and its secure Multivisor virtualization:

Qt offers polished and flexible user interface:

Mapbox offers automotive navigation:

Clarinox offers a comprehensive Bluetooth SW stack:

Analog Devices, Inc. offers A2B® Automotive Audio Bus hardware and software with superior audio and low latency:

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Automotive Development Tools

Through collaboration with many tool vendors, Renesas offers development tools for a variety of automotive systems.