The ISL81401EVAL1Z evaluation board features the ISL81401, a 40V high voltage synchronous buck-boost controller that offers external soft-start, independent enable functions and integrates UV/OV/OC/OT protections. A programmable switching frequency ranging from 100kHz to 600kHz helps to optimize inductor size while the strong gate driver delivers up to 20A for the buck-boost output.


  • Wide input range: 6V to 40V
  • Bidirectional operation
  • High light-load efficiency in pulse skipping DEM operation
  • Programmable soft-start
  • Optional DEM/PWM operation
  • Optional CC/HICCUP OCP protection
  • Supports prebias output with soft-start
  • Power-good (PGOOD) indicator
  • OVP, OTP and UVP protection
  • Back biased from output to improve efficiency


  • Battery backup
  • Type-C power supply and chargers
  • Battery powered industrial applications
  • Aftermarket automotive
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Robots and drones
  • Medical equipment
  • Security surveillance


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star ISL81401EVAL1Z User Guide Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.50 MB
ISL81401, ISL81401A Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2.11 MB


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ISL81401EVAL1Z Design Files PCB Design Files ZIP 1.05 MB