The GR-SAKURA board features the RX63N MCU and offers an Arduino compatible board footprint and a C++ template and libraries. The GR-SAKURA board is available in a standard version and full-featured version.


Renesas' 32-bit RX63N Group MCU (R5F563NBDDFP) is on-board and Arduino UNO compatible pin-headers are ready for shields.


Full version board has a LAN connector (RJ-45), USB host connector, DC power supply jack, and memory card shell.


Detailed Specification

RX63N (R5F563NBDDF P 100-pin QFP)
Data Flash
96MHz (using external 12MHz XO)
Sub Clock
Operating Voltage
Board Function
USB host/peripheral (exclusion), Ethernet, Micro SD jacket, XBee I/F, JTAG I/F, DC power jack (5V), user switch, reset switch, Arduino shield I/F, user LED, programmable like USB mass storage

Project File for e2 studio

Project file for sketching in Eclipse-based development environment e2 studio. For downloading and installing e2 studio, please refer to the e2 studio product page.

Note: This is a project exported in e2 studio version 7.6.

Technical Support

Technical Information

  • Let's Get Started with GR-SAKURA
    This is a “getting started with” guide website for when you purchase the GR-SAKURA board. The kickstart guide for the GR-SAKURA board will direct you to this website.
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    This is the Gadget Renesas User Forum on In this forum space, you can find many showpiece applications using GR boards, as well as sample applications and programs. Post your query and let's discuss GR-SAKURA.
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