July 20, 2016

SINGAPORE, July 20, 2016 — Renesas Electronics Singapore today announced that a network of Independent Design Houses (IDHs) in South East Asia, Oceania, and India is now ready to support the Renesas Synergy™ Platform to help system designers drive innovation and differentiation in their products with accelerated development and lower total cost of ownership. Today, the network comprises 16 leading IDHs and is set to expand further with the local launch of the Synergy Platform in the regions. Their capabilities range from special skills such as graphical user interface designs all the way up to complete turn-key product developments, covering a wide range of IoT applications and embedded system designs required in the industrial, healthcare, and home automation markets.

"With increasing system complexity in IoT development, we’re seeing growing demands for outsourcing designs to specialists,” said Ronnie Ho, Director of Marketing, General Purpose Products, Renesas Electronics Singapore. “By partnering with recognized IDHs as Renesas’ Alliance partners, customers can focus on the innovative and differentiated aspects of their products and build these complex systems much faster than ever before."

Renesas Synergy is a complete and qualified platform with fully integrated software, a scalable family of microcontrollers (MCUs), and unified development tools to speed embedded system developers’ time to market. A key advantage of the Synergy Platform is that it enables embedded system engineers to start their MCU software development from the Application Programming Interface (API) level instead of struggling with low-level details.

The Renesas IDH partner network provides a suite of high-quality embedded design services, which will especially benefit the system designers who want to free their own resources to focus on application development, or those who require special design capabilities that their own teams do not possess. These highly-skilled IDHs are experienced in leveraging the entire Synergy Platform quickly and efficiently.

The regional network of the Renesas Synergy Platform IDH includes (in alphabetical order):

Some of the solutions unveiled so far include: the Zephyr™ Air Quality Monitor, a smart integrated air-quality sensor providing real-time measurements and alerts on critical changes in air quality (IntelliDesign); the iWave Healthcare IOT, a scalable healthcare IoT solution that communicates with the Cloud (iWave Systems Technologies); the IoT Aging in Place solution, an integrated home-care gateway to support smart medical devices through various wireless connectivity standards (Nextan); and the BLE Host Software Development Kit, which provides customers with a quick BLE connectivity turn-key solution by seamlessly integrating RTBTM01BLE module into the Synergy Platform (RFCOM Technologies).

More IoT solutions developed by the IDH partners will be showcased at the Synergy Platform launch events across the region. The Renesas Synergy Platform is available now in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and India. To learn more about the product, visit www.renesassynergy.com , or contact the local Renesas sales representative at www.renesas.com/contact. For details about the Renesas’ Alliance partner program, visit www.renesas.com/en-sg/support/partners/alliance-partner.html.

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