Renesas Gas Sensor Enables Safera’s Smart Cooking Sensor to Identify Bad Indoor Air Quality Caused by Cooking

Innovative Smart Cooking Sensor is the Latest Solution for Improving Indoor Air Quality to Rely on ZMOD4410 Gas Sensor

18 Feb 2020

TOKYO, Japan ― Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the ZMOD4410 gas sensor is at the heart of the Safera Sense smart cooking sensor. The ZMOD4410 sensor enables the Safera Sense to determine when airborne concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CO2 in users’ kitchens are at unhealthy levels.

Safera selected the ZMOD4410 based on its combination of excellent accuracy, high reliability and low power operation for smart cooking applications. In addition to monitoring VOC and CO2, the Safera Sense measures humidity levels and concentrations of airborne particles, which are easily inhaled and absorbed in the lungs. Placed above the cooktop, the Safera Sense warns users of bad indoor air quality (IAQ) by sending alerts to their smartphones and displaying a warning light on the device.

“Cooking generates substantial amounts of VOCs, CO2, humidity, and airborne particles, and is the primary cause of bad indoor air quality in the kitchen and throughout the home,” said Debra Deininger, Director of Industrial Sensing at Renesas. “Thanks to our ZMOD4410 gas sensor, the Safera Sense smart cooking sensor alerts users to bad air quality so they can simply open a window or turn on a vent to improve the air quality.”

”We have been very impressed with the ZMOD4410’s performance and Renesas’ excellent technical support for our implementation work,” said Samuli Lintonen, Director of Research and Development at Safera. “We believe it is one of the key enablers in creating a new generation of home safety and comfort products.”

The ZMOD4410’s combination of programmability, best-in-class stability, and sensitivity in measuring VOCs makes it an excellent solution for a wide range of IAQ applications, including smart thermostats, air purifiers, smart HVAC equipment, and other smart home devices. The ZMOD4410 is based on proven metal oxide (MOx) material and each sensor is electrically and chemically tested to ensure consistency from lot to lot, an important advantage for manufacturers with long production runs. The ZMOD4410 devices are also highly resistant to siloxanes for superior reliability use in harsh applications.

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Visit to learn more about the ZMOD gas sensor family, including the ZMOD4510 outdoor air quality sensor and the ZMOD4450 refrigeration air quality sensor.

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