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With the need to support CASE, the requirements for automobile ECU design and development have changed significantly. In addition to handle performance improvement such as emission regulations and fuel efficiency, it is also necessary to handle newly added functions such as autonomous driving and connected, and the number of development items is increasing more than before.  How to complete development with limited development resources, budget, and schedule is a common problem for automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers.
The winning combination is a solution that answers the above problems, supplements ECU development resources, and supports reduction of development period and cost.
In this blog, we will first explain the concept of Renesas automotive winning combinations, and then introduce some examples of those.

What’s “Winning Combination”?

The figure below shows the signal chain flowing from left to right.  Renesas has had a strong presence in processors (MCUs and SoCs), but the coverage of analog products surrounding them has been limited until now. By reinforcing analog products with the acquisition of Intersil and IDT, it has become possible to cover a wide range of the signal chains. By combining these analog products with MCUs or SoCs, we are now able to provide higher added value solutions. This is the winning combination. We have prepared reference designs and turnkey solutions that optimally combined the analog products with MCUs or SoCs. Winning combinations contribute shortening your development period, time to market and reducing development costs.


Renesas Automotive Winning Combination

Let us introduce some of the winning combinations we had developed so far by application. Please find the winning combinations you need now and use it to accelerate your development.

EV & Electrification

The Automotive Battery Management System (BMS) reference design is equipped with an MCU and five cell monitor ICs that can monitor and control up to 70 battery cells. The combination of RH850 / P1M and the cell monitor IC ISL78714 supports functional safety ASIL-D as a system. The software such as GUI and low-level drivers are also available as an evaluation platform.

xEV inverter reference solution can provide the inverter kit that covers not only semiconductor products such as MCUs, gate drivers, and IGBTs, but also all parts required for high-voltage inverters for HEV and EV such as IGBT modules and current sensors. The kit is including motor control software and tools for motor parameters acquirement and for torque map creation to help customers easily start development.

BLDC Motor Control Using Inductive Position Sensing  is the reference design for 12V BLDC motor control system. Inductive position sensing is thinner, lighter, higher magnetic field immune, and lowers BOM costs than traditional resolvers and magnetic sensors. This solution is available in the form of a starter kit of RH850/F1KM-S1 for evaluation purposes.

Low Voltage Inverter for 2 wheelers / 3 wheelers Traction Motor Control is a reference design for 48V motor control applications. In addition to the reference board and its hardware design files such as PCB schematics, layout data, reference software is also available to help implement motor control such as 120-degree trapezoidal control, field-oriented control and V/f control.

Connected & Infotainment

Cockpit Electronic Control Unit (ECU)  is the R-Car M3-based integrated cockpit reference design. You can use the reference hardware with the design information such as PCB schematics, layout files and parts library etc., and the packaged reference software. This is a white box-based solution that can combinate flexibly software and hardware, and you can match customer’s unique needs by customizing that.

Low-Cost Digital Instrument Cluster  can use RH850/D1M and VSP LCD controller RAA27884x, to generate 2D instrument cluster graphics that can be displayed on a variety of LDC panels with different resolutions. The reference design allows users to generate the cluster graphics in a single resolution and scale it with the RAA27884x's scaling engine to fit different LCD panels, thus minimizing the software and graphics design work for re-use in different car models.

Gateway & Domain Control

Domain Control Unit : The evolution of new E/E architecture is driving the trend toward single ECU called domain control unit that support multiple ECU functions. To support its development, we have prepared a development platform equipped with our high-performance cross-domain MCU RH850/U2A. The reference boards with various physical networks and specialized power supply circuits for domain control, body, chassis, and gateway applications, as well as the application software and drivers are available.

Chassis & Safety

Electric Power Steering System : The combination of high-end MCUs RH850/P1M, RH850/P1M-E for chassis applications and the power management IC RAA270005KFP specially designed for these MCUs support functional safety ASIL-D in the system and reduces external BOM costs. By using this proven combination, connection verification and evaluation can be simplified, and the lead time for system development can be shortened.

We are preparing several other winning combinations, but they have not been published on the Renesas website yet. Please wait for a while.

For more information of automotive winning combinations, please visit the Renesas website (here).

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