R0K578G1CD010BR (RL78/G1C USB Charger Solution Kit)

The RL78/G1C USB Charger Solution Kit (R0K578G1CD010BR) is an evaluation kit containing an RL78/G1C microcontroller with built-in USB host/peripheral function, a charge control IC, serial EEPROM, a character LCD, ambient light and temperature sensors, and more. Using this kit, development and evaluation of rapid-charging products that use the USB Battery Charging Specification Revision 1.2 (henceforth, USB BC 1.2) and USB application products can be carried out with ease.
Users who adopt this solution can shorten the planning to design stages of system development as well as reduce the number of prototype iterations for more efficient development.





The following system development and evaluation are possible.

1. System development and evaluation of smartphone-USB connectivity operations (auxiliary battery, data transfer)

- Use the USB host function built into the RL78/G1C to transfer data to a smartphone using AndroidTM Open Accessory

- Use the USB BC 1.2 detection function to identify device support for USB BC 1.2

- Supply optimal current to a smartphone from the nickel-hydrogen battery in the solution kit

2. System development and evaluation of PC-USB connectivity operations (rapid charging, USB mouse, USB storage)

- Use the USB peripheral function built into the RL78/G1C to transfer data from serial EEPROM to a PC

- USB mouse (HID class) function and USB storage (mass storage class) function combined operation

- Use the USB BC 1.2 detection function to distinguish between a PC, a PC supporting USB BC 1.2, and a dedicated charger

- Fast and safe charging of the nickel-hydrogen battery in the solution kit

3. Stand-alone operation (ambient light/temperature sensors, measurement result record, clock)

- Display measurement data from ambient light/temperature sensors on the LCD, and store and timestamp in serial EEPROM

- Show battery remaining; operate in sleep mode


Key Features

Item Specifications Remarks
Product part number R0K578G1CD010BR -
Power supply Six AAA nickel-hydrogen batteries -
Consumption current Operating: 10 mA
Sleep: 0.5 mA
Dimensions 90 x 55 x 28 [mm] -
Environmental conditions Operating: 10 to 35°C Storage: -10 to 50°C No condensation
MCU RL78/G1C (32 KB ROM, 5.5 KB RAM, 48-pin QFP) R5F10JGCAFB
Main clock: 12.000 MHz; sub clock: 32.768 kHz -
EEPROM R1EX25512ATA00A (64 KB) SPI communications
USB interface Standard-A connector Host
Micro-B connector Peripheral
Charge USB (input from micro-B connector) 5V
Supply USB (output from standard-A connector) 5V
Operation When connected to smartphone Supply to smart phone -
Communication with smartphone Requires AndroidTM Open Accessory DemoKit
When connected to PC USB mouse -
Reading and writing of log records (Ambient light, temperature, battery voltage, charge and supply current) -
Device charging -
Stand-alone operation Ambient light/temperature display and log record -
Clock/battery level display and sleep function -
Display Illuminance 0 to 65535 lux, 1 lux resolution -
Temperature 0 to 99°C, 1° resolution -
Battery voltage 0 to 5000 mV, 1 mV resolution -
Clock 24-hour clock, 1 minute resolution -
Charging current 1 to 500 mA, 1 mA resolution -
Supply current 1 to 1500 mA, 1 mA resolution -
Other USB BC1.2 detection, VID, PID -

Block Diagram




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