June 27, 2017

TOKYO, Japan, June 27, 2017― Renesas Electronics Corporation (“Renesas”, TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has resolved at the Meeting of Board of Directors held on June 27, 2017, certain subscription items for stock acquisition rights to be issued as stock options for employees of Renesas’ subsidiary. Renesas has also determined items regarding taking applications or persons who will receive these stock options. The terms and conditions are as outlined below.


I. Reason for issuance of stock acquisition rights as stock options

The purpose of the issuance of stock options is to encourage employees of Renesas’ subsidiary to share the merits of a rise in Renesas’ share value and the risks of a drop in the share value with the shareholders, and to increase their desire to further contribute to increasing Renesas' stock price and increasing the value of the company.


II. Details of the stock options to be granted

(1) Name of the stock options: " Renesas Electronics Corporation Stock Options for FY2017 (Series No.4)"


(2) Number of the stock options granted and number of eligible persons:

Renesas will grant 522 stock options to 13 employees of Renesas subsidiary.


(3) Total number of the stock options: 522

However, the total number of the stock options described above is the expected number of stock options to be allotted. If the total number of stock options to be allotted decreases due to a lack of applications for subscription or for other reasons, the total number of stock options to be allotted will be the total number of stock options to be issued.

For further details, please see here (PDF: 153 KB).

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