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Compact Emulators

Available at affordable prices though, the Renesas' compact emulator has all the functions needed for the actual development, such as real-time trace and hardware breaks.


The emulator main unit comes in a significantly reduced size, compared with conventional emulator systems. This product package includes not only an emulator main unit and connectors but also the limited cross tools, so, you can program and debug your applications as soon as you open the package.


The compact emulator can be connected to the user system by equipping with accessories such as converter boards accomodate your target MCU. Accessories dedicated to the MCUs may be supplied with the compact emulator. We also prepare combined packages of the compact emulator and accessories you will need for some of the M16C and the H8 families.

Release Information

Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment



*1: Note that the debugger included in the compact emulator for the 4-bit 720 family is not able to use via the High-performance Embedded Workshop interface.



  • Emulator main unit
  • Emulator debugger
  • Limited-edition Cross tools
  • Interface cables
  • User's manual, etc.


*Please prepare a power source unit (5V/2A) for Compact Emulator separately which meets the following specification.


Product Lineups

Please check the emulator name and required optional accessories for your target device, before you purchase a compact emulator.


Supported MCUs Compact Emulator

(Converter board, etc.)

(Sold Separately)

Famies Series Groups
M16C M32C/80 M32C/81, 82, 83 Made by Sunny Giken Inc.
M32C/80 Note5, 84, 85, 86, 8A Note5 M30850T3-CPE Note4

Accessories Sold Separately Note7

M32C/87 M30870T2-CPE Accessories Sold Separately Note7
M16C M16C/80 M16C/80 M30800T-CPE Note2 Accessories Sold Separately Note7
M16C/60 M16C/62A M30620T-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
M16C/62P M3062PT3-CPE Accessories Sold Separately Note7
M16C/6S Note1
M16C/6K (M16C/6K9) M306K9T2-CPE Note2
M16C/30 M16C/30P M3062PT3-CPE Accessories Sold Separately Note7
M16C/Tiny M16C/26A Note8
M3028BT2-CPE Note3
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
R8C/Tiny R8C/10 -17, R8C/18, 19
R8C/1A, 1B
R8C/20 - 29, 2A - 2D
R8C/2K, 2L
R0E521000CPE00 Accessories Sold Separately Note7
H8 H8/300H Tiny H8/3664, H8/3694, H8/3687
H8/3672, H8/36014,H8/36049
H8/36064, H8/36077, H8/36079
H8/36087, H8/36094
R0E436640CPE00 Accessories Sold Separately Note7
740 38000 M38000T2-CPE Note6 Accessories Sold Separately Note7
720 4500 4508, 4509 M34509T2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
4518, 4519 M34519T2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
4552, 4553, 4556 M34552T2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
4559 M34559T2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
455A M3455AT2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
4571 M34571T2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
720 4282, 4283 M34282T2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7
4286 M34286T2-CPE Note2
Accessories Sold Separately Note7


  1. Using with the converter board M306S0T-PRB allows to configure a M3062PT3-CPE emulation system for M16C/6S Group M306S0.
  2. An emulator debugger come with this product does not use the High-performance Embedded Workshop based graphical interface.
  3. M3028BT2-CPE is M30290T2-CPE's successor which enables operation at a MCU's maximum operating frequency of 24MHz.
  4. M30850T3-CPE is M30850T2-CPE's successor which enables debugging at a microprocessor mode by using a dedicated emulation memory board R0E330850MSRC0.
  5. M32C/80 and M32C/8A groups require a dedicated emulation memory board R0E330850MSRC0 to debug, since these groups support a microprocessor mode only.
  6. Emulator MCU (sold separately) is required.
  7. In order to connect to the user system in combination with the compact emulator, accessories are needed to be purchased separately according to the MCU you use. However, some of compact emulators include them in their packages.
  8. M3028BT2-CPE-1, the combined packages of the compact emulator and an optional converter board (accessories) is also available.


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