The IPS2200STKIT is a compact and intuitive evaluation kit that enables a fast and easy evaluation of the IPS2200, the industrial inductive position sensor for high-speed motor commutation. This evaluation kit mainly consists of a communication board and an application module. The communication board, which runs the IPS2200 GUI and is connected to the IPS2200 application module, can display the sine and cosine signals provided by the inductive position sensor. In addition, the communication board enables easy programming of the IPS2200 position sensor. The IPS2200 application module is designed to directly connect to an electrical motor and provide 4 periods of sine and cosine analog signals per mechanical revolution. This evaluation kit is equipped with all the necessary USB and flat connection cables for plug and play.


  • IPS2200 4 × 90° application module
  • IPS2 communication board
  • IPS2200 GUI
  • USB and flat cables included
  • Ready to be mounted on a motor

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User Guides & Manuals
star IPS2200 Evaluation Kit User Manual Manual - Hardware PDF 2.11 MB
IPS2200 Application Module Measurement Report Report PDF 1.14 MB
IPS2200 Application Module Document Other PDF 3.22 MB


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IPS2200 EVK Gerber Files Software & Tools - Other ZIP 217 KB
IPS2200 Evaluation Kit Software (GUI) Revision Software & Tools - Evaluation Software ZIP 1.14 MB