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The latest ROM-ordering infomation for R8C Family (R8C/1x, R8C/2x, R8C/3x, R8C/Lx) MCUs is here.


ROM data completed (hexadecimal format)
ROM number obtained?
ex.R5F21104A10FP(Underlin is the ROM number)
In the case of YES:Please proceed to ③
In the case of NO:
Request ROM number from the nearest RENESAS Saies Office. Obtain ROM number. Please proceed to ③

Download the latest version of the following forms corresponding to your microcomputer:
 ●ROM Programming confirmation form

R8C/1x Series ROM Ordering Programming Confirmation Forms
R8C/2x Series ROM Ordering Programming Confirmation Forms
R8C/3x, R8C/Lx Series ROM Ordering Programming Confirmation Forms


Note:If you do not find the forms corresponding to your microcomputer,please contact the nearest RENESAS Sales Office.(Please do not use another microcomputer's forms or hand-revised forms.)

Execute the Maskfile converter (MM) and convert ROM data into maskfile format.
Fill out the required sections of ROM Programming Confirmation Form.
 ●How to Fill Out ROM Programming Confirmation Form
Submit the following data and forms to the nearest RENESAS Sales Office.
1.ROM Programming Confirmation Form
2.ROM data (maskfile)


Maskfile Converter



  • The Mask file converter MM creates mask files needed to mask microcomputers.
  • This site provides valuable information for our customers.
  • If you have any quesition about the MM, please contact your nearest distributors.


MM Download


  • The latest version (Sep. 1, 2003) 
    The Mask file converter MM, which is bundled to C Compiler and Assembler, was upgraded from V.3.00 Release 3 to V.3.00 Release 3A on Sep. 1, 2003.
  • Download from here.


MM Technical Support Information

Tool News (Updated : Sep. 1, 2003)

FAQs of MM

  • Please select MPU/MCU -> ROM Ordering -> Maskfile Converter
  • from the Products lists at the Product FAQs page.