Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP)

What is DRP?
DRP(Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor) is the programmable hardware which have both the flexibility of software and the speed of hardware. The firmware which define the processing, can be renewed immediately. We suggest the solution of "C base design + highlevel synthesys + DRP", as the method to make the hardware of advanced and complicated processing in a short term.
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Merits which DRP providing
The flexibility that DRP provides, realizes the value-added continuity by the software update. After the product shipment, the specification change or function addition are possible by software modification. In addition, using software library of developed DRP firmware, it is easy to deploy it to other product or different group.
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Our programmable ICs are used in a broad range of products, from professional video equipment to digital cameras.
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Accelerator type DRP
Accelerator type DRP(STP:Stream Transpose®) accelerate the processing which lack processing capability. As it comprise the DMA controller directly connected to the DRP core, so that data transfer can be efficiently performed. Because it is possible for immediate renewal of the firmware which define the processing, it can equip with an approximately infinite functions in the system.
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