R0K572167C001BR is a CPU board equipped with SH7216, SH2A-FPU core, 200MHz operation, 176-pin (0.4mm pitch) version.


  • The LAN connector is mounted, and it is possible to develop and evaluate software that uses Ethernet.
  • The USB series B connector is mounted to enable software development and characteristic evaluation using the SH7216 USB characteristics (full speed/function).
  • Since all the SH7216 data bus, address bus, and internal peripheral function pins are connected to the through holes for expansion connectors, timing evaluation with peripheral devices using measuring instruments is possible.
  • The sample code attached to the application note for SH7216 can be operated as it is. The application notes for the SH7216 and SH7214 groups are posted here.
  • Equipped with an H-UDI port connector (36-pin/14-pin) that can be connected to the Renesas E10A-USB emulator (Note 1).
  • (Note 1) Sold separately.