R-Car Family Software & Tools

Development Environment for the R-Car Family of SoC

Renesas, along with our partners, offer a large variety of software and development tools to support the large-scale and complex software development needs demanded by the automotive market today. Our products enable a development environment that can maximize efficiency and lead to improved reliability and performance of developed products.

Software Stack and tools for Development for R-Car Software

Software Stack and tools for Development for R-Car Software

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R-Car Software Development Kit

R-Car SDK (Software Development Kit) is an easy to start & easy to use development framework for the R-Car V Series SoCs from the successful Renesas Autonomy Platform.

  • Re-inventing SW development for Automotive Applications
  • e² studio for R-Car, Integrated Software Development Environment
  • Easy to start, easy to access, easy to use, easy to develop
Target Devices Title Type Company
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H, R-Car V3U R-Car Software Development Kit Development Renesas


Integrated Software Development Environment for R-Car

Renesas integrated development environments provide powerful support for developing applications to run on the R-Car family devices.


e2studio for R-Car


Target Devices Title Type Company
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H, R-Car S4 e2 studio for R-Car IDE and Coding Tool Renesas


Virtual Platform

Virtual development environment to accelerate automotive software development

For customers of Automotive SoC, R-Car, Renesas offers the R-Car Virtual Platform enabling software development before silicon is available - Shift-left of Software development and System verification for Next-generation vehicles.

R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF)

R-Car VPF is a simulation environment to enable Software design without a device sample. It emulates the function of an R-Car device at the register interface to enable Software design as though the device was available.

  • To start Software design pre-silicon and then migrate seamlessly to Software design on the device sample.
  • To execute System verification, where device and control software operate cooperatively, pre-silicon.
  • To execute Regression test of software during both pre-silicon and post-silicon development phases.

Major features

  • R-Car VPF integrates CPU models and software can be executed on these CPU models.
  • Read / write access to memory space such as DRAM.
  • Address map and calculation accuracy are exactly the same as those of the device.
R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF) - Conventional flow


R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF) - Using R-Car Virtual Platform

(For more information, please refer to the: Blog "R-Car Virtual Platform accelerates automotive software development for Next-generation vehicles")

R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF) is provided by our partner. Please contact the following partner for purchase:

VDK (synopsys.com) (Product information)

Contact Synopsys (Contact)

Target Devices Title Type Company
R-Car V4H, R-Car S4 R-Car Virtual Platform Simulator Synopsys



The reference boards and starter kits provide the peripheral functions and interfaces necessary to accelerate hardware and software development of each R-Car family product.

Target Devices Product ID Title Type Company
R-Car H3, R-Car M3 R-Car-H3-M3-Starter-Kit R-Car H3e-2G & H3 & M3 Starter Kit Starter Renesas
R-Car H3, R-Car M3 RTP0RC7795SIPB0012S High-End Cockpit & Infotainment Solution R-Car H3, M3 Reference Board / Salvator-XS Reference Renesas
R-Car V3M RTP0RC77970SEB0010S Intelligent Camera Solution R-Car V3M Reference Board / Eagle Reference Renesas
R-Car V3H RTP0RC77980SEBS012SA01 ADAS & Automated Driving Solution R-Car V3H Reference Board / Condor-I Reference Renesas
R-Car E3 RTP0RC77990SEB0010S Full Graphics Cluster & Cockpit Solution R-Car E3 Reference Board / Ebisu Reference Renesas
R-Car S4 RTP8A779F0ASKB0SP2S R-Car S4 Reference Board/Spider Reference Renesas
R-Car V3H Y-ASK-RCAR-V3H R-Car V3H Starter Kit Starter Renesas
R-Car V3M Y-ASK-RCAR-V3M R-Car V3M Starter Kit Starter Renesas



These emulators are designed for customers to efficiently debug hardware and software when developing systems using the R-Car family.

High Functional On-Chip Debugging Emulator E2

Basic model to improve development efficiency


  • Up to 2 times faster download speed than conventional products
  • Hot plug-in function: available without the need for an optional adapter



Full-Spec Emulator IE850A

High performance model with event functions, performance measurement, and large trace acquisition


  • Collect long-term program execution histories
  • Use IE850A and E2 emulator on the same user system

フルスペックエミュレータ IE850A

Target Devices Title Type Company
R-Car V3H, R-Car V3U *ICUMXのみ E2 Emulator [RTE0T00020KCE00000R] Emulator Renesas
- IE850A Emulator Renesas


Computer Vision

Image recognition and sensing solutions for ADAS and automated driving.

Target Devices Title Type Company
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H 3D Surround View With and Without GPU Software Package Cogent Embedded Inc.
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H, R-Car V3U Atlas Camera Optimization Suite for R-Car by Algolux Software Package Algolux
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H, R-Car V3U Autobrains AI Solution Software Package AutoBrains Technologies Ltd.
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H Driver Monitoring Solution on R-Car - Vision based ADAS algorithms development on R-Car V3 M/H Software Package PathPartner Technology Pvt Ltd
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H ISP Solutions for R-Car V3H & R-Car V3M Software Package Cogent Embedded Inc.
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H R-Car Hardware using OpenCL and SYCL Software Package Codeplay Software
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H, R-Car V3U RT-RK - Expertise on Renesas' Computer Vision and CNN Software Package RT-RK Automotive LLC
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H SVNet, Deep Learning Embedded Software by Stradvision Software Package StradVision, Inc.



Supports third-party operating systems for reliability and security.

Target Devices Title Type Company
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H INTEGRITY® RTOS Software Package Green Hills Software LLC
R-Car V3M,R-Car V3H QNX's ASIL Real Time Operating System Software Package BlackBerry Limited


Design Consultation

We can propose various solutions to meet your needs, including key technologies such as image recognition and deep learning using R-Car, as well as how to construct an evaluation environment.

Target Devices Title Type Company
R-Car V3M, R-Car V3H Automotive SoC Consulting Service Software Package Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd.