Takuro Ichikawa
Takuro Ichikawa
Senior Staff Engineer
Published: January 27, 2023

Renesas RZ/V2L processor is well balanced Vision AI MPU among AI performance and cost. RZ/V2L is a good fit for the customer who wants to consider AI adding to the existing products and quickly enter the new market. If you want to get "easy implementation of the camera and AI functions," "implementation of AI with low power and heat," and "building compact AI products," you are encouraged to consider RZ/V2L.

As the first launch of the simple AI evaluation software, we released a binary code and sample code that allow you to evaluate several AI models by switching Classification (ResNet50), Object Detection (Tiny-YOLOv2, YOLOv3), Pose Estimation (HRNet).

Customers can purchase the RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit (RTK9754L23S01000BE) from the Renesas Web site, download the binary code, and write it to the device, which allows easily to study and evaluate AI without any complicated build process. The sample code is available on GitHub, it can be obtained immediately and customized by anyone.

  • Binary Code Release@Renesas Web
  • Source Code Release@GitHub
  • RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit(RTK9754L23S01000BE)  

    RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit(RTK9754L23S01000BE)

    Figure 1. RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit (RTK9754L23S01000BE)

  • Evaluation Environment

    Evaluation can be easily achieved by the following steps.
    A drop-down box allows you to change and evaluate multiple AI-Models.

    Step 1. Download the binary code from Renesas Web
    Step 2. Write the binary code to the microSD card
    Step 3. Connect the power cable and USB camera to RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit
    Step 4. Connect RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit and PC with Ethernet cable
    Step 5. Configure network settings and start PC browser
    Step 6. Check the operation

RZV2L Evaluation Environment

Figure 2. Evaluation Environment

We plan to release other evaluation environments similar in binary code and sample code for different AI applications and demonstrations in the series. Please regularly check out Renesas Blog.

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