Find out how Renesas’ MCU high speed flash architecture enables over-the-air software updates while the actual code is running. Save time during software maintenance.


My name is Wolfgang Stenzl. I'm working at the Automotive Business Unit at Renesas and I will introduce over-the-air update solutions.

In the automotive industry there is increasing demand of software and the amount of software needs to be handled and maintained over the lifetime of the car. This requires efficient measures to update the software of the car in the field. Renesas offers microcontrollers which support robust and secure software updates over lifetime of the car.

The demo shows the process of over-the-air update. While the actual code is running, in the background a new version of software is downloaded into the system. After the download, the system can switch over to the new version in a secure and robust manner.

The over-the-air update is based on our flash architecture. This architecture allows the use of the complete memory size for over-the-air updates. The architecture is implemented in our microcontroller devices, which are part of a scalable device family.