The HS-5104AEH is a radiation hardened, monolithic quad operational amplifier that provides highly reliable performance in harsh radiation environments. Excellent noise characteristics coupled with a unique array of dynamic specifications make these amplifiers well-suited for a variety of satellite system applications. Dielectrically isolated, bipolar processing makes these devices immune to Single Event Latch-Up. The HS-5104AEH shows almost no change in offset voltage after exposure to 100kRAD(Si) gamma radiation, with only a minor increase in current. Complementing these specifications is a post radiation open loop gain in excess of 40k. This quad operational amplifier is available in an industry standard pinout, allowing for immediate interchangeability with most other quad operational amplifiers.


  • Electrically screened to SMD # 5962-95690
  • QML qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 requirements
  • Radiation environment
  • High dose rate (50-300rad(Si)/s): 100krad(Si)
  • Low dose rate (0.01rad(Si)/s): 50krad(Si)
  • No latch-up, dielectrically isolated device islands
  • Low noise
  • At 1kHz: 4.3nV/√Hz (Typ)
  • At 1kHz: 0.6pA/√Hz (Typ)
  • Low offset voltage: 3.0mV (Max)
  • High slew rate: 2.0V/µs (Typ)
  • Gain bandwidth product: 8.0MHz (Typ)




  • High Q, active filters
  • Voltage regulators
  • Integrators
  • Signal generators
  • Voltage references
  • Space environment


Design & Development