GreenPAK benefits go beyond the integration of discrete and passive components into a single customized IC solution. Overall design improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower design costs
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Decreased probability of failure
  • Unique custom part number
  • No production programming cost
  • Shrink PCB footprint
  • Enhanced design security
  • Lower noise performance
  • Quick and adaptable design changes
  • No coding – No software development cost
  • Custom datasheet

Low Cost & Short Lead Time


GreenPAK offers an outstanding level of affordability, with a price point well under $1.

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The short lead time allows you to go from concept to production-ready design in less than 10 weeks.

Design Steps are Fast

Intuitive Easy-to-Use Software

The Go Configure™ Software Hub provides a user-friendly GUI interface that simplifies the circuit design process, allowing designers to create custom zero code projects quickly and efficiently. Learn more about the design process on the GreenPAK Development Process page.

Predefined Macrocells

Each GreenPAK device offers a unique makeup of predefined macrocells, such as LUTs, flip-flops, oscillators, and more that can be easily configured. This reduces the time required for designing and implementing complex functions.

Go Configure Software Hub


Multiple Functions & Features in One IC

With many functions and features that can be combined into one GreenPAK IC design there are many possibilities. Functions include combinatorial logic, voltage regulation, load control, sequential operations, and more, into a single custom circuit, simplifying your design process and maximizing efficiency.


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GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC Introduction

Additional Resources

GreenPAK™ Development Process

With GreenPAK's advanced programmable devices and intuitive software, users can create their own custom circuit designs in no time. Configure, program, and test custom samples within minutes, especially when working with the GreenPAK Advanced Development Board or any of our other hardware tools.