ARKAMYS’ Sound Stage technology offers a faithful and natural reproduction of the music despite the constraints related to the non-optimal location of speakers in the car cabin.
The sound is spatialized and can also be directed toward a particular part of the car cabin, offering improved listening pleasure to all the vehicle’s passengers. Its improves the sound quality with no hardware modification, reducing weight and fuel consumption and therefore the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

ARKAMYS 3D Sound alerts are specifically designed to work with Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS). This new software solution spatializes all types of audio warning signals including but not limited to: blind spot detection, left/right turn signals, lane departure warnings, collision avoidance alerts, and parking assistance sounds as well as enhancing navigation assistance and voice commands.
These advanced sound alerts are designed to change according to the distance and motion of potential hazards around the car. These improved alerts help drivers more intuitively detect danger by providing a sense of where the potential dangers are located.
3D Sound Alerts from ARKAMYS can be embedded in any vehicle from entry-level to luxury and the sounds can be modified to fit the car manufacturer’s sound signature.