Currency counters are a common product seen in every shop. The basic device is a simple design, and is not much more than a counter with a motor control. Given the challenges with counterfeit currency, there is a need in the market for currency counters that can detect the legitimacy of the currency. These applications can extend past point of sales and be applied to ATMs or other cash transactions where speed, accuracy and verification are essential.

This design solves the market need by providing a complete currency counter with counterfeit detection solution, including a TMR sensor, which has high accuracy via multiple scans.

System Benefits

  • An MCU with high integration, USB for power supply, IrDA for support for multiple detection methods, and LCD for counter display
  • Accurate counterfeit detection
System Block Diagram

Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection

Winning Combinations

Renesas and IDT’s complementary product portfolios work together to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers. This is just the beginning, with the combination of the Renesas and IDT development teams, there will more integrated solutions that provide significant advantages over traditional solutions.

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