Renesas’s reference solution for Smart Cluster includes a full cluster functionality with additional features for dashboard market segments. There are various key features such as stepper motor for RPM & Segmented LCD display for Speed, odometer, TRIP, clock, fuel level, Gear, DTE, Average, special area for displaying simple user defined logos, direction.
Innovation in this design is the addition of wireless modules for communicating  with smart phone. With this added feature traditional cluster becomes smart cluster with added functionalities such as Diagnosis, Navigation, etc.

Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Addition Bluetooth wireless modules to communicate with smart phone for functionalities such as Diagnosis, Navigation, etc
  • Stepper motor RPM & LCD for Speed & other indications  like odometer, trip, RTC, Fuel, etc. are available
  • Onboard debugging capability
  • Provision for connecting ZigBee wireless modules
  • Wide range of interface support:  CAN bus interface, sound generator, stepper motor, etc
  • RL78/D1A 16-bit True Low Power microcontroller
    • 32MHz flash memory/RAM upt to a maximum of 512KB/24KB
    • CAN or LIN interface
    • Sound Generator
    • Stepper motor controller/driver
    • Up to 216 segment LCD controller/driver

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