Renesasの耐放射線データコンバータは、信号対雑音比(SNR)、有効ビット数(ENOB)、積分非線形性(INL)、微分非線形性(DNL)などを包含した高精度分解能をクラス最高の性能で提供します。 これらのデバイスの定格は、-55°C〜+125°Cのフル軍用温度範囲で、重イオン曝露およびトータルドーズ効果(TID)の下で堅牢に動作します。


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Radiation-Tolerant Plastic-Package ICs Overview

Learn about Intersil's family of radiation-tolerant plastic-package ICs designed to support the emerging field of small satellites that will provide solutions such as high-speed Internet connections to hundreds of millions of users in communities, governments, and businesses worldwide. These ICs deliver rad-tolerance performance at a much lower cost point versus radiation assurance tested Class V (space level) products.