Dual, High-Speed MOSFET Driver Evaluation Boards


The ISL55110EVAL1Z, ISL55111EVAL1Z (TSSOP) and ISL55110EVAL1Z, ISL55111EVAL1Z (QFN) boards have similar functions and are used to evaluate the ISL55110 and ISL55111 dual, high-speed MOSFET drivers.

The ISL55110 and ISL55111 are intended for applications requiring accurate pulse generation and buffering. Target applications include ultrasound, CCD imaging, piezoelectric distance sensing, and clock generation circuits.

With a wide output voltage range and low ON-resistance, these devices can drive a variety of resistive and capacitive loads with fast rise and fall times, allowing high-speed operation with low skew, as required in large CCD array imaging applications.


  • Scope probe connections
  • BNC connections
  • Power down feature
  • 5V to 12V pulse amplitude
  • High current drive 3.5A
  • 6ns minimum pulse width
  • 1.5ns rise and fall times, 100pF load
  • Low skew
  • 3.3V and 5V logic compatible
  • In-phase (ISL55110) and anti-phase outputs (ISL55111)


  • Ultrasound MOSFET driver
  • CCD array horizontal driver
  • Clock driver circuits

ISL55110EVAL1Z MOSFET Driver TSSOP Eval Board

ISL55110EVAL1Z MOSFET Driver TSSOP Eval Board

ISL55110EVAL2Z MOSFET Driver QFN Eval Board

ISL55110EVAL2Z MOSFET Driver QFN Eval Board




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Disclaimer: THIS MATERIAL IS PROVIDED “AS-IS” FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. RENESAS ELECTRONICS CORPORATION AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (collectively, “Renesas”) DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY. Renesas provides evaluation platforms and design proposals to help our customers to develop products. However, factors beyond Renesas' control, including without limitation, component variations, temperature changes and PCB layout, could significantly affect the product performance. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the actual circuit performance.