The high voltage inverter platform (YMCRPHV2DP) is well suited for motor control and PFC solution development. It could be used with different plug-in CPU cards and comes enclosed in a glass box for protection. The user can choose either the analog option or the digital option (using the MCU) to achieve power factor correction.


  • 2KW discrete inverter using 600V IGBTs
  • 85V to 265V AC input (50/60Hz)
  • Interleaved power factor correction using Analog PFC controller
  • Optional digital power factor correction
  • Flexible connection to different CPU cards
  • Capability to connect with in-circuit scope (ICS), a debugging tool that captures embedded parameters at 20KHz rate
  • Algorithms: Sensorless vector control using 3 shunt or 1 shunt current detection scheme


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