The ISL71610M is a passive-input digital signal isolator with a CMOS output. It has a similar interface but better performance and higher package density than other optocouplers. The ISL71610M is manufactured with Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) technology for small size, high speed, and low power. A ceramic/polymer composite barrier provides excellent isolation and an unlimited barrier life. A series external resistor sets the input coil current and a capacitor in parallel with the current-limiting resistor provides improved dynamic performance. This versatile component can be used to replace a variety of optocouplers, functioning over a wide range of data rates, edge speeds, and power supply levels. The device output is compatible with 3. 3V and 5V supplies, allowing an interface to controllers without additional level shifting. With the coil energized with a minimum of ±8mA (bidirectional current) the ISL71610M is suitable for single ended and differential drive applications. The ISL71610M is offered in an 8 Ld 5mmx4mm SOIC package and is fully specified across the military ambient temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.


  • Barrier Voltage Endurance
    • 2.5kVRMS, for 1 minute, 600Vrms continuous (VDE V 0884-10 certified: file 5022321-4880-0001)
    • 1.5kVDC continuous
    • 500VDC at 43MeV•cm2/mg SEDR
  • UL 1577 recognized: file reference E483309
  • Up to 100 Mbps data rate
  • Flexible inputs with very wide input voltage range (resistor limited current through coil)
  • Bipolar current input failsafe output
  • No carrier or clock for low EMI emissions and susceptibility
  • 3V to 5.5V signaling operation
  • Passes NASA low outgassing specifications
  • NiPdAu-Ag leadframes (Pb-free, Sn-free)
  • Full military temperature range operation
    • TA = -55°C to +125°C
    • TJ = -55°C to +150°C
  • Radiation characterization
    • Low Lose Rate (LDR) (0.01rad(Si)/s) : 30krad(Si)
  • SEE Characterization
    • No SEB/SEL LET, VDD = 7V: 43MeV•cm2/mg


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star ISL71610M Datasheet データシート PDF 871 KB
ISL73040SEHEV4Z User Guide マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 1.11 MB
ISL71610-710EV1Z User Guide マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 915 KB
AN1971: GMR In Isolation アプリケーションノート PDF 218 KB
AN1972: Giant-Magneto-Resistance as Digital Isolation Technology アプリケーションノート PDF 296 KB
Intersil Space Products Brochure カタログ PDF 3.16 MB


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ISL71610M IBIS Model モデル-IBIS IBS 138 KB
ISL71610-710EV1Z Design Files PCB設計ファイル ZIP 426 KB


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ISL71610-710EV1Z 耐放射線/耐放射線特性デジタルアイソレータ評価ボード Evaluation Renesas