ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

Ultra High Performance Broadband 12 to 16-Bit Data Acquisition Platform


This ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z is an evaluation platform featuring Renesas's ultra-high dynamic range fully differential amplifier (FDA), the ISL55210, and the high speed, high performance, 14-bit, 500MSPS ADC, the ISLA214P50. In the delivered configuration, it offers a full signal path reference design providing a 100MHz flat channel bandwidth that achieves typically <-85dBc distortion terms with -2dBFS at the ADC inputs from a -7dBm single-ended input. The channel characteristics (pass band location, stop-band attenuation, gain, etc.), can be easily altered to suit your needs by modifying the 3rd order RLC filter between the amplifier and analog-to-digital converter. To facilitate immediate performance measurement and analysis, this PCB daughterboard mates to Renesas's existing high speed ADC evaluation platform.

Key Features

  • Sample Rate:  80 to 500 MSPS
  • Input Signal Passband: 100 kHz to 100 MHz (+/- 0.8dB flat)
  • Full-Scale Input:  -5.0dBm (355mVpp)
  • SNR: 71.8 dBFS (Fin = 30MHz, Fs = 500MSPS, ADC only = 72.6 dBFS)
  • SFDR: 85dBc (Fin = 30MHz, Fs = 500MSPS, ADC only = 84dBc)
  • Power Consumption: 1.0W (FDA + ADC)
  • IM3:  < -90dBc @ 70MHz  (1MHz spacing)


  • High-performance Data Acquisition
  • Communication Test Equipment
  • Broadband Communications
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Radar Array Processing
  • Digital Pre-distortion

Related Information

Measured 500MSPS, 70MHz Two-tone Performance: IM3 less than −93dBc

ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

KMB001 Motherboard & ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

KMB001 Motherboard & ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

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Tools Orderable Part Number (s) Production Status Manufacturer Suggested Single Tool Price Description Distributor Stock Distributors Distributor Purchase
ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z 量産中 Renesas $275.00 1 Digi-Key
1 Mouser
ADCMB-HSFMCEV1Z 量産中 Renesas $1495.00 1 Mouser


Disclaimer: THIS MATERIAL IS PROVIDED “AS-IS” FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. RENESAS ELECTRONICS CORPORATION AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (collectively, “Renesas”) DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY. Renesas provides evaluation platforms and design proposals to help our customers to develop products. However, factors beyond Renesas' control, including without limitation, component variations, temperature changes and PCB layout, could significantly affect the product performance. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the actual circuit performance.