600kHz/1.2MHz PWM Step-Up Regulator Evaluation Board

The ISL97516IUZEVALZ evaluation board is an evaluation kit for evaluating the ISL97516 PWM step-up voltage regulator.

The ISL97516 is a high frequency, high efficiency step-up voltage regulator operated at constant frequency PWM mode. With a 2.0A typical switch current limit and 200mΩ MOSFET, it can deliver over 90% efficiency. The selectable 600kHz and 1.2MHz allows for smaller inductors and faster transient response. An external compensation pin gives the user greater flexibility in setting frequency compensation allowing for the use of low ESR Ceramic output capacitors.

Key Features

  • 90% efficiency
  • 2.0A, 200mΩ power MOSFET
  • 2.3V to 5.5V input
  • 1.1*VIN to 25V output
  • 600kHz/1.2MHz switching frequency selection
  • Adjustable soft-start
  • Internal thermal protection
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


  • TFT-LCD displays
  • DSL modems
  • PCMCIA cards
  • Digital cameras
  • GSM/CDMA phones
  • Portable equipment
  • Handheld devices

ISL97516IUZEVALZ Evaluation Board Layout

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