EL7532EVAL1Z Evaluation Board

Monolithic 2A Step-Down Regulator

The EL7532 is a high efficiency 2A synchronous step-down PWM regulator in a tiny MSOP10 package. The internal compensation makes it possible for the full-featured 2A converter to occupy less than 0.18in2 of PCB area with all components on one side.


  • A continuous current (from -40 °C to +85 °C)
  • 1.5MHz (typ.) switching frequency
  • 100ms Power-On-Reset output (POR)
  • Internally compensated voltage mode controller
  • Up to 94% efficiency
  • <1μA shut-down current
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Pb-free available (RoHS compliant)


  • PDA and pocket PC computers
  • Barcode readers
  • ADSL modems
  • Portable instruments
  • Li-ion battery powered devices
  • ASIC/FPGA/DSP supplies
  • Set-top boxes

EL7532EVAL1Z Evaluation Board

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