The ISL1535A is a very low power dual channel differentiated amplifier designed for central office line driving for DMT ADSL2+ solutions. This device features a high drive capability of 600mA while consuming 7. 5mA of supply current per amplifier from ±12V supplies. This driver achieves a typical distortion of less than -75dBc, at 1MHz into a 50Ω load. The ISL1535A is available in a 28 Ld HTSSOP package and a 24 Ld QFN package. This device is specified for operation over the full -40°C to +85°C temperature range. The ISL1535A has two control pins, C0 and C1, per channel. With the selection of C0 and C1, the device can be set into full-IS power, 3/4-IS power, 1/2-IS power, and power-down disable modes. The ISL1535A maintains excellent distortion and load driving capabilities even in the lowest power settings. The ISL1535A has extended bandwidth, low THD and high slew rate for ADSL2+ applications.


  • Drives 400mA at 16VP-P on ±12V supplies
  • 21.4VP-P differential output drive into 100Ω
  • 20.6VP-P minimum differential output drive into 60Ω
  • -75dBc typical driver output distortion driving 50Ω at 1MHz and 1/2-IS bias current
  • Quiescent current of 7.5mA per amplifier in Full-IS mode
  • 100MHz BW at AV = 10
  • Current control pins to select power modes
  • Pin-to-pin replacement for EL1527 and EL1537
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


  • ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ line drivers
  • GSHDSL, HDSL2 line drivers
  • VDSL line drivers
  • Video distribution amplifiers
  • Video twisted-pair line drivers


製品名 Part Status Pkg. Type Carrier Type MOQ 購入/サンプル
Active TSSOP-EP Tube 50
Active TSSOP-EP Reel 2500


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