The Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/L12 is intended as a user-friendly introductory and evaluation tool for the RL78/L12 microcontroller. The board also provides a useful platform for evaluating the Renesas suite of development tools for coding and debugging, using CubeSuite+ as well as programming the device using E1 emulator and/or Renesas Flash Programmer. The Renesas Starter Kit for RL78/L12 may be connected to the host PC using the included USB E1 on chip debugging interface.

The purpose of the board is to enable the user to evaluate the capabilities of the device and its peripherals by giving the user a simple platform on which code can be run only minutes from opening box. It can also prove an invaluable tool in development by providing a useful test platform for code already debugged using one of our more powerful emulation tools.

CubeSuite+ is not generally promoted to the U.S. and European customers. Customers in the U.S. and Europe who are interested in CubeSuite+ are requested to contact our regional marketing departments for details.


  • Renesas microcontroller programming
  • User code debugging
  • User circuitry such as switches, LEDs and a potentiometer
  • Sample application
  • Sample peripheral device initialisation code
  • The RSK board contains all the circuitry required for microcontroller operation