The Intersil CD22M3494 is an array of 128 analog switches capable of handling signals from DC to video. Because of the switch structure, input signals may swing through the total supply voltage range, VDD to VEE. Each of the 128 switches may be addressed via the ADDRESS input to the 7 to 128 line decoder. The state of the addressed switch is established by the signal to the DATA input. A low or zero input will open the switch, while a high logic level or a one will result in closure of the addressed switch when the STROBE input goes high from its normally low state. Any number or combination of connections may be active at one time. Each connection, however, must be made or broken individually in the manner previously described. All switches may be reset by taking the RESET input from a zero state to a one state and then returning it to its normal low state. CS allows crosspoint array to be cascaded for matrix expansion.


  • 128 Analog Switches
  • Low rON
  • Guaranteed rON Matching
  • Analog Signal Input Voltage Equal to the Supply Voltage
  • Wide Operating Voltage: 4V to 15V
  • Parallel Input Addressing
  • High Latch-Up Current: 50mA (Min)
  • Very Low Crosstalk
  • Pin and Functionally Compatible with the Following Types: SGS M3494 and Mitel MT8816
  • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)


  • PBX Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Analog and Digital Multiplexers
  • Video Switching Networks


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