This video introduces Kz, IDT's constant impedance technology (now part of Renesas) in their RF switches. Learn how Kz enables dynamic switching between multiple devices and supports high-power hot-switching. The video also compares VSWR performance between conventional RF switches and Kz technology, highlighting the benefits of a simpler software interface and improved performance.

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Hello, my name is Dan Terlep. I'm a product definer at IDT's RF group. What I'm going to tell you about are some of the customer benefits of IDT's technical innovations used RF products.

Kz or constant impedance technology provides a major performance improvements in maintaining the desired impedance of the RF terminals of an RF switch while it is being switched. Standard RFs switches exhibit large impedance changes while transitioning from RF1 to RF2. Plot shown for a standard single pole two throw switch illustrates the voltage standing wave ratio as a function of time. As you can see the VSWR vary significantly it takes a long time to recover. When used in the yellow chain, the RF switch can cause pulling in the voltage controlled oscillator. When used in a transmit path, the impedance change can cause damage to down-stream powered amplifiers, or an ADC in a receiver, similar of what we saw with the glitching behavior of a standard digital step attenuator.

IDT is developing a line of single pole multi-throw RF switches to eliminate these problems. The bottom plat illustrates VSWR for IDT's single pole two-throw switch. As you can see the VSWR remains nearly constant.

Kz technology results numerous benefits, including allowing a simpler software interface compared of what would be needed to optimize timing when using a conventional RF switch. Kz technology is ideal for dynamic switching between multiple devices, and enables high power hot-switching capability, where could otherwise not be considered.

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