The F6521 is an 8-channel transmit active beamforming RFIC designed for application in Ku-Band SATCOM planar phased array antennas. The IC has a single common RF input port and eight output channels. The eight independently controlled output channels can drive eight single-polarized elements or four dual-polarized elements of an electronically scanned array (ESA). Each channel has 6-bits of digital phase control covering 360° and 25dB of gain control with a minimum step size of 0.2dB, enabling precise beam pattern and polarization control. Operating from a single supply of 2.1–2.5V, the RFIC has 28dB of nominal small signal gain with a typical P1dB of 10.5dBm per channel.

The device is highly efficient and features a low power standby mode as well as independent enable controls on every channel. The device SPI bus and control pins operate from standard 1.8V logic at speeds up to 50MHz. Advanced digital modes and large on-chip memory allows for < 100ns beam position switching times at the array level, greatly reducing dead time and latency. Finally, the compact and CTE-matched FCCSP organic package with all single-ended 50Ω matched RF ports greatly simplifies the physical integration of these devices onto large antenna panels.


  • 13.75–14.5 GHz operation
  • Supports 4 dual-polarized elements or 8 single-polarized
  • 360° phase control with 6-bit resolution
  • 25dB gain control with 0.2dB minimum step
  • 25dB small signal gain
  • 10.5dBm output P1dB
  • 2.3V nominal single supply input
  • Standard 1.8V digital logic
  • Temperature compensation
  • Temperature sensor with digital readout
  • Advanced digital modes with fast beam steering
  • On-chip beam-state memory
  • 3.8 × 4.6 × 0.9 mm 62-pin FCCSP package


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star F6521 Short-Form Datasheet
F6521 Datasheet
PDF 2.20 MB
RF Product Selection Guide
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Beamforming Ics for Satcom and Radar Active Antennas
PDF 1.08 MB
Complete Line-up of mmWave Beamforming ICs
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F6521SEVS Evaluation System for the F6521S Evaluation Renesas