The ZSPM15XX-KIT01 provides a convenient means for evaluating IDT's ZSPM15xx Family of digital PWM controllers, including the ZSPM1501, ZSPM1502, ZSPM1503, ZSPM1504, ZSPM1505, ZSPM1506, ZSPM1507, ZSPM1508, ZSPM1509, ZSPM1511, ZSPM1512 and ZSPM1513. The ZSPM15xx Evaluation Board incorporates the ZSPM15xx digital PWM controller IC and a ZSPM9060 DrMOS to form a "smart" buck converter (a.k.a. step-down DC-to-DC converter). It functions as a fixed-voltage, self-starting autonomous DC/DC converter, which requires no software or subsequent programming. The number of output capacitors can be selected with a jumper on the Evaluation Board. An on-board transient load is also provided for generating load transients with high current slew rates.


  • ZSPM15xx-EVB01 Evaluation Board


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