We are working on the planning, development and customer engagement of a new integrated development environment that visualizes the behavior of increasingly sophisticated and complex E/E architectures.

By Tsuyoshi Tsumuraya, Senior Principal Specialist -- 2021-12

Nowadays, software has become the core of the value of the car. We are proposing and developing a development environment that contributes the development of such software-centric cars. Here we introduce our project for automotive development environment.

By Tsuyoshi Tsumuraya, Senior Principal Specialist -- 2021-12


By Shun Matsuo, IoT Product Engineer -- 2021-12

If you couldn’t come to Enlit in Milan, you can still visit our booth now or whenever you like from the comfort of your home! How? We invite you to visit a virtual replica of our actual Enlit booth.

By Cornelia Stegmann, Event Manager -- 2021-12

This article is the first in a series of three blog articles introducing the reader to secure boot concepts and implementations in Renesas automotive devices.

By Philip Lapczynski, Principal Engineer, S/W -- 2021-12
By Yusuke Ojima, Senior Manager -- 2021-12

Motors are built into so many of the devices around us but getting started with motor control design remains complex. Renesas has a long history of support in the market and has been building up a library of reference solutions. Read about the latest design and find dozens of others to help address demanding motor control requirements. 

By Naoki Abe, Principal Specialist -- 2021-12


By Ashish Ahuja, Principal Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-12

With the 4 megatrends of autonomous driving, connected cars, electric vehicles and shared mobility cyber security is becoming a real demand and a challenging topic for the automotive industry. Security processes like authentication and data encryption/decryption are eager for CPU power and lead to a strong trend to utilize H/W acceleration for security topics wherever possible. In this blog we will explain security acceleration methods that are being standardized for CAN and Ethernet to improve the security performance and offload tasks to hardware.

By Tobias Belitz, Principal Engineer -- 2021-12
By Ashish Ahuja, Principal Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-12