By Ashish Ahuja, Principal Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-12

Considering the further growth of the information society which consumes more power for intelligence and IoT connectivity on IoT endpoint devices, it is essential to reduce the power consumption of individual endpoint that consist of the information systems. This blog briefs how to quickly develop a low power data logger application on the RA family entry line MCU RA2E1 using its ‘Snooze mode’ for significant power savings, Flexible Software Package (FSP) and FPB (Fast Prototyping Board)-RA2E1 kit.

By Koki Kawashima, Engineer -- 2021-12

CPX4 (R9A06G061) provides faster, long distance communication, and solves the challenges in implementing Power Line Communication Technology (PLC) solutions. Read our blog for more information.

By Kiyoshi Murano, Principal Specialist -- 2021-11

Introducing 32-bit RX66N MCU that realizes real-time performance and firmware update required for network connected equipment such as smart meter and HVAC controller.

By Takuya Anzai, MCU Engineer -- 2021-11

Renesas RX MCU offers an voice recognition solution at the edge that does not require any internet connection. In this blog, we will introduce a new service, where you can experience this voice recognition solution at the edge remotely at anywhere, any time.

By Keita Kashima, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-11

2021年11月17日,由电子发烧友主办的2021电机控制先进技术研讨会暨“2021年BLDC电机技术市场表现奖”年度颁奖盛典在深圳举行,瑞萨电子携32位变频控制RA6T1 MCU荣获“2021 年度 BLDC 电机控制器十大主控芯片”大奖。

By 刘涛, 物联网及基础设施事业本部MCU市场部经理 -- 2021-11

Rather than waiting another 24 months for the supply chain to rebalance itself, you can purchase your components and accelerate your manufacturing today.

By Carmelo Sansone, Director Strategic Business Development -- 2021-11

A science fiction-like world in which motorcycles fly is a reality! Renesas' semiconductors for automotive applications will open up the future of mobility.

By Kenji Morio, Staff Specialist, Automotive Business Planning -- 2021-11

This blog introduces a solution that realizes the continuous current PFC control (carrier frequency 50KHz), sensorless vector control (FOC), and pickup control by using a ceiling fan inverter board with RX13T. 

By Takehiro Mikami, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-11

The RZ/G2L MPU(microprocessor), which integrates Cortex-A55 and Cortex-M33 inside, not only reduces the total BOM cost by reducing the number of components but also contributes to mitigate procurement risk of IC components.

By Takeshi Maeda, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-11