The R-Car V2H is Renesas’s first R-Car ADAS device. The functions required for ADAS are packed in a single chip, which also allows reduced power consumption. The R-Car V2H enables each camera to prevent oversight with Renesas' image recognition technology and to switch the field of view depending on the situation. The R-Car V2H delivers the smartest high-resolution surround monitoring systems having enhanced visibility.


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Panoramic Stereoscopic Video

The R-Car V2H has six IMR channels which are used as dedicated hardware that converts data input from cameras to panoramic stereoscopic video which is obliquely viewed, and provides clear HD video.

Image Recognition Hardware

The incorporated IMP-X4 (4th generation image recognition H/W) expands the image recognition library to include an open source library (OpenCV) and improves the software development efficiency.


R-Car V2H Block Diagram

Item R-Car V2H Specifications
Product #
R-Car V2H (R8A7792)
Power-supply voltage 3.3/1.8V(IO)、1.5/1.35V(DDR3)、1.03V(Core)
CPU Core Arm ® Cortex ® -A15 Dual Core
operating frequency
1.0 GHz
Processing performance 7000 DMIPS
Cache memory L1 I/D Cache 32/32Kbytes, L2Cache 1MByte
L1D cache and L2 cache with ECC
External memory
  • DDR3-SDRAM can be connected directly
  • Data bus width: 32-bit × 1channel
  • ECC
Expansion bus
  • Data bus width: 8/16-bit
Image recognition
  • Renesas image recognition core IMP-X4
  • Renesas Rendering core IMR-LSX3 × 6 channels
  • Connect directly to IMR-LSX from H.264 / JPEG decoder or Video Input or external memory, and stores the converted data to the external memory
  • Renesas Rendering core IMR-LX3 × 1 channel
  • Corrected to external memory
Graphics PowerVR SGX531 (3D)
Graphics core (2D)
Video input (VIN)
6-channels (max.12-bit parallel YCbCr422)
One channel and two channels each are switchable to either 1.8V(IO) or 3.3V(IO).
Display unit
  • 2 channel (24-bit RGB)
  • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) × 2 channel
Network Controller Area Network (CAN) Interface × 2 channel
Ethernet AVB
  • 1000 Mbps, 100 Mbps
  • IEEE802.3 PHY interface support
Package 647 pin FCBGA

* Arm, Cortex is a trademark or a registered trademark of Arm Limited.
* PowerVR, SGX is a trademark or a registered trademark of Imagination Technologies Ltd.
* CAN (Controller Area Network): An automotive network specification developed by Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany.
Other product name and service name under release are the trademarks or registered trademarks that all belong to each owner.

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