Renesas Synergy™ First Time Development

Renesas Synergy™ Quick Start

This page provides a brief overview of the steps necessary to start working with the Renesas Synergy™ platform. It aims to outline the process flow from initial introduction to starting your development in just a few simple steps.

Links to documentation, technical information, kits, and downloads are provided below. Additionally, links to community and support forums are shown as well.

Use this guide as a launchpad to starting your development journey with Renesas Synergy™.


Renesas Synergy

Flow of Renesas Synergy™ Development

Step 1

Obtain the software

All Renesas Synergy™ software and tools are provided on the Renesas website. In order to download the software, you will need to process a free registration with Renesas:

  1. My Renesas registration
  2. Renesas Synergy™ gallery registration

1. My Renesas registration

First, you must register with Renesas to get a MyRenesas login. Only basic information, such as your name, email address and contact information is required to complete the registration. The registration can be completed immediately.

MyRenesas Registration

2. Renesas Synergy™ gallery registration

Once you are logged into MyRenesas, scroll to the download section of the Synergy Software Package, which is near the middle of the web page. Click the button that says Download Platform Installer). If you are downloading Synergy for the first time, you will be redirected to the gallery registration window. MyRenesas will pre-populate information that you entered when registering with Renesas in step 1. Please complete the rest of the registration form and submit.

3. Once completed, you will be able to freely download either the e2 studio installer or IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas Synergy.

Step 2

Acquisition of the evaluation kit

Renesas provides many different development kits for Synergy MCUs. The Starter Kit (SK), Promotional Kit (PK) and Target Boards (TB) are great vehicles to test drive Synergy software and MCUs. Development Kits (DK) are usable for full-scale development and have all the pins exposed for prototyping. Product Examples (PE) are nearly complete products with capable production code. For beginners, the S7G2 starter kit (SK-S7G2) is recommended. Kits can be purchased from distribution partners worldwide as well as the Renesas e-store.

For the initial evaluation or try to use Renesas Synergy™, we recommend:

Starter Kit (SK) / Promotion Kit (PK) / Target Board (TB)

For full-scale operational/performance evaluation and development, we recommend:

Development Kit (DK)

For development of a specific HMI product, we recommend:

Product Examples (PE)

Step 3

From evaluation to the actual development

From here, you can install the software and tools. You will soon be on your way to loading your first project onto your Renesas Synergy development platform!