This 3D gesture reference design is a solution that can detect the position (x, y, and z coordinates) of a hand in space using Renesas' capacitive touch solution. The position of a hand up to 200 millimeters above a panel surface is converted to x, y, and z coordinates. Moreover, since sensing of coordinate data can be carried out at high speed, gestures (up and down, right and left, and front and behind) and simple pattern recognition can be used to operate a device.


Supported MCU, PLC Modem LSI

  • Control MCU: RX631(R5F5631EDDFP)
  • PLC Modem Device: R9A06G037
  • For detailed information on microcomputer, refer to RX631 group page.

Hardware Configuration

  • The J70D1 GCPX3 Evaluation Kit has a circuit configuration which includes the PLC modem device, the control MCU and the AFE required for power line communication.
  • The evaluation board is composed of the following three boards. The main board is composed of 1) and 2).
    • PLC board: PLC modem device (CPX3:R9A06G037) and AFE device (NJM45001)
    • BASE board: Power circuitry and control MCU (RX631)
    • Filter board: Receive filter for CENELEC-A, FCC and ARIB frequency bands

    Board Dimensions: 120×76×44 mm



  • PLC specification: CENELEC-A:35kHz-90kHz
  • FCC: 150kHz-490kHz
  • ARIB: 150kHz-450kHz
  • Input voltage for Power line: AC100-230V
  • DC power supply voltage: 5.0V/3.0A

3D Gesture config

  • PLC (Power Line Communications)
  • GCPX3 Evaluation Kit J70D1 (Global version) : High-Voltage Edition
  • BCPX3 Evaluation Kit J80D1 (RX651) : Low-Voltage Edition *With Audio Support
  • BCPX3 Evaluation Kit J80D2 (RL78/G13) : Low-Voltage Edition

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