The P9235A-RB-EVK Evaluation Board demonstrates the features of the P9235A-RB 5W Wireless Power Transmitter (TX). It is intended to evaluate the functionality and performance of the P9235A-RB when combined with a power receiver in a wireless charging system. The P9235A-RB-EVK offers the flexibility to select parameters, such as the over-current limit threshold, LED pattern, and external temperature sensing function using a graphical user interface (GUI). The printed circuit board (PCB) has four layers. 

The P9235A-RB Evaluation Board is designed to function with the P9225-R Receiver Evaluation Board, which is ordered separately. It can also be used with the user’s WPC-1.2.4 compliant receiver.

The high-efficiency, turnkey reference design is supported by comprehensive online digital resources to significantly expedite the design-in effort and enable rapid prototyping. The total active area is optimized to 21mm x 21mm.


  • P9235A-RB Evaluation Board provides support for WPC-1.2.4
  • Power capability: 5W receiver output for 5V/2A input
  • Adjustable FOD thresholds and LED behaviors via graphical user interface
  • Passed WPC A11a Coil configuration Pre - Qi certification tests on NOK9 with the default configuration
  • Passes EN303417 Specification with default configuration
  • On-board external Flash that enables users to customize the design configuration
  • Fully assembled with test points and coil fixture


器件号 Part Status Description Buy Sample
Active Evaluation Board
Active USB-to-I2C Dongle (FTDI)


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P9235A-RB Evaluation Board User Manual 手册 - 评估板 PDF 2.26 MB
应用指南 &白皮书
Tuning Qi and AirFuel / PMA Inductive Resonance Circuits for Optimal Efficiency 白皮书 PDF 627 KB
P9235A-RB Wireless Power Pro GUI 软件 ZIP 30.98 MB
USB Drivers for Wireless Power USB Dongle 软件 ZIP 1.99 MB
P9235A-RB A11a Configuration Flash HEX File 软件 ZIP 38 KB
Wireless Power Products Overview 概览 PDF 1.14 MB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 PDF Schematic 原理图 PDF 38 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Bill-of-materials (BOM) 工程 XLSX 15 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Allegro Board File PCB设计文档 ZIP 280 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Gerber Files 工程 ZIP 448 KB
P9235A-RB-EVK v1.0 Allegro Schematic DSN File 原理图 ZIP 145 KB