TDK provides flexible amorphous silicon solar cells on film substrates. It’s suitable for wearable applications (Smart Watch), IoT devices (Beacons and Wireless Sensor Networks). Combined with RE's energy harvesting circuitry, battery maintenance free can be implemented.


  • High power generation efficiency under indoor light or low-light environment such as fluorescent lamps and LEDs.
  • The products are well-known and are in the watch market for many years.
  • Lightweight and thin, resistant to drops, flexible, and have excellent formability.
  • Custom design is capable. Design customizing of outer shape, output power allows a good fitting for your products.


  • Wireless sensor nodes, various sensors, IoT terminal power supply
  • Wearable device
  • Home automation
  • Watch
  • Smart lock
  • Beacon
  • Smart card
  • Remote controller
  • Electronic shelf tag


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