QE for Capacitive Touch: Development Assistance Tool for Capacitive Touch Sensors


This development assistance tool supports the development of embedded systems which use the capacitive touch sensors. It supports MCUs of the RX families.


We are pleased to announce the release of a new tool, QE for Capacitive Touch! This tool simplifies the development of RX-family-based systems that work with touch sensors.

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Release Information

QE for Capacitive Touch

Latest Ver.: V1.0.0

Released: Oct 22, 2018

Operating Environment


QE for Capacitive Touch is an assistance tool for applications which operate under the e² studio integrated development environment.

For the development of embedded systems that are based on RX-family MCUs and work with capacitive touch sensors, this tool simplifies the initial settings of the touch user interface and the tuning of the sensitivity, thus shortening developing times.


The GUI makes it easy for even a beginner to develop touch user interfaces.

Simple GUI operations allow even a beginner to create the configuration for use with a touch user interface, monitor the state of input through the touch sensors, and adjust parameters.

Furthermore, since this tool can adjust tuning parameters and reflect the results through display in real-time, it is very useful for finding the appropriate parameters in various situations, such as in the presence of much static electricity or in cases of use with wet hands.

Automatic tuning for touch sensor sensitivity

This tool enables automatic tuning for the sensitivity of the capacitive touch sensors. You can complete basic tuning within a few minutes by following the instructions in the pop-up messages.

Supported FIT Modules

Device Driver Version
RX Family Driver for capacitive touch sensor unit
RX Family QE CTSU Module Using Firmware Integration Technology
Module name: r_ctsu_qe
Middleware for touch sensors
RX Family QE Touch Module Using Firmware Integration Technology
Module name: r_touch_qe

Interlinking with the Smart Configurator eases setting up the pins for use with capacitive touch sensors.

When generating a project to which the FIT module related to capacitive touch sensors is to be added, select the checkbox of "Smart Configurator" to run the Smart Configurator. This makes it easy to configure the settings of pin allocation for use with a capacitive touch sensor from the e² studio.

Target Devices

Family Group
RX Family Only those devices of the RX family that have touch sensor functionality are supported.
RX113, RX130, RX230, RX231

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