Current Sharing 3A 2.5MHz High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation Boards


The ISL8036CRSHEVAL1Z and ISL8036ACRSHEVAL1Z kits are intended for use by individuals with requirements for Point-of-Load applications sourcing from 2.85V to 6V. These evaluation boards are used to demonstrate the performance of the ISL8036/ISL8036A low quiescent current mode converter in current sharing configuration.

ISL8036, ISL8036A are integrated power controllers rated for dual 3A output current or current sharing operation with a 1MHz (ISL8036)/2.5MHz (ISL8036A) step-down regulator, which is ideal for any low power low-voltage applications. The channels are 180° out-of-phase for input RMS current and EMI reduction. It is optimized for generating low output voltages down to 0.8V each.

Key Features

  • Switching Frequency: 2.5 MHz (ISL8036A) and 1 MHz ISL8036
  • Current Sharing 6A High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator with up to 95% Efficiency
  • 180° Out-of-Phase Providing Low Output Noise
  • Power-Goods (PG) Output with 1ms Delay
  • 2.85V to 6V Supply Voltage
  • 2% Output Accuracy Over-temperature/Load/Line
  • Start-up with Pre-biased Output
  • Externally Adjustable Soft-Start Time
  • Soft-Stop Output Discharge During Disabled
  • External Synchronization up to 6MHz
  • Typical 8µA Logic Controlled Shutdown Current
  • 100% Maximum Duty Cycle for Lowest Dropout
  • External Current Mode Compensation
  • Peak Current Limiting, Hiccup Mode Short Circuit Protection and Over-temperature Protection
  • Negative Current Detection and Protection


  • DC/DC POL Modules
  • µC/µP, FPGA and DSP Power
  • Plug-in DC/DC Modules for Routers and Switchers
  • Test and Measurement Systems
  • Li-ion Battery Power Devices
  • Bar Code Reader


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