I2C Bus Buffer with Rise Time Accelerators and Hot Swap Capability Evaluation Boards


The ISL33001MSOPEVAL1Z, ISL33002MSOPEVAL1Z and ISL33003MSOPEVAL1Z evaluation boards are designed to provide a quick and easy method for evaluating the ISL33001, ISL33002 and ISL33003 2-channel bus buffers.

Discrete NMOS transistors are used to produce the pull-down functions of a wired-AND bus. Each SDA/SCL pin on the buffer is connected to an external open-drain NMOS transistor. The evaluation board also contains connections for the bus pull-up resistor and load capacitance. The logic input pins on the ISL3300x IC can be held logic High by a pull-up resistor or driven dynamically with an external logic source.


  • Evaluation board for the ISL33001IUZ, ISL33002IUZ and ISL33003IUZ ICs in MSOP packages
  • +2.3V to +5.5V supply operation
  • Configured to operate in I2C environment
  • Two channel supply for level shifting applications (ISL33002 and ISL33003)
  • On-board discrete NMOS open-drain transistors connected to SDA/SCL pins
  • 3V logic for NMOS transistor gate
  • On-board discrete bus pull-up resistors and load capacitance on SDA/SCL pins
  • Convenient test points on SDA/SCL pins


  • I2C bus extender and capacitance buffering
  • Server racks for telecom, datacom, and computer servers
  • Desktop computers
  • Hot-swap board insertion and bus isolation

ISL3300xMSOPEVAL1Z I2C Bus Buffer Eval Board

ISL3300xMSOPEVAL1Z I2C Bus Buffer Evaluation Board





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