Ultra-Small, Single Supply, RRIO Op Amp Evaluation Board


The ISL28194EVAL1Z evaluation board is a design platform containing all the circuitry needed to characterize critical performance parameters of the ISL28194 operational amplifier using a variety of user defined test circuits.

The ISL28194 micro-power operational amplifier features ultra-low power consumption, rail-to-rail input and output drive capability, and are designed to operate with two 1.5V alkaline batteries.


  • Operates from a single supply +1.8VDC to +5.5VDC or from split supplies, ±0.9VDC to ±2.75V
  • Configured for a single op amp connected for differential input with a closed loop gain of 10
  • Single external reference voltage (VREF) pin is provided
  • User-selectable voltage divider (filter included)
  • Operates with two 1.5V alkaline batteries


  • 2-cell alkaline battery-powered/portable systems
  • Window comparators
  • Threshold detectors/discriminators
  • Mobile communications
  • Low power sensors

ISL28194EVAL1Z Ultra-Small RRIO Op Amp Eval Board

ISL28194EVAL1Z Evaluation Board





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